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Only for a day (curse you college) but still


I want to cosplay, but I have no idea who as. I don’t look like anyone, I’m not particularly buff, but I have just enough fluff that spandex would look awful. I DUNNO WHAT TO DO. Also I’ve never cosplayed before and would love advice.

I only have two idea right now, though I’m open to anything. One of them is going as a Fighting Scientist of Tesladyne, from Atomic Robo (seriously go read it if you haven’t). The problem is the uniform for these guys is rather bland.

Simple to do (except for maybe the ballistic vest. Anyone know where I could get one?) and I could wear my glasses, but no one would really know where it’s from. I could put the Tesladyne logo on the back or something, but it feels cheesy somehow.

It’s very neat, but kind of like a big target, so it wouldn’t make sense, I think.

The other idea is doing the new Flash Thompson Venom, because he is the best Venom and if you disagree I will fight you.

Black body-suit, boots, a few shin pads. Again, the ballistic vest is an issue (help please!) but the only other problem with this is the mask. I can’t wear my glasses, without my glasses I am super blind, and I don’t have contacts. I mean I could TRY, but last time I couldn’t even get them in my eyes. I can’t stand things in my eyes, so I freaked a little.

Any advice? Tips? Ideas for different characters?

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Ohhhhh god help me I have Protomen madness

the music is now always on and I keep looking up helmets and I can’t decide if I want to do a Megaman costume, a Protoman costume, or a Joe costume. Joe’s my favorite and the easiest, but no one outside of the fans would get it. Protoman is badass but everyone does him. Megaman is cool, but I like the full helmets and for him you need modular/open face. Gaaaah help me decide.

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This is amazing and I am envious

This is amazing and I am envious